Widely Used

Based on the popular Starboard for Starcraft, this scoreboard is already in use on many top streams. Display the team names and up-to-date scores with a professional look everyone has come to expect.

Open Source

Open source means you can customize the scoreboard for your specific needs. Redesign, add features, and make it your own. No need to worry about what your app is secretly doing, all the code is available on Github.

Works for all setups

  • Tested with FMLE and XSplit.
  • XSplit plugin for less on-screen clutter.
  • Clean resizing for any resolution.
  • Doesn't distract or cover gameplay.

Easy To Install

Download Starboard now, install, and start using with your broadcast in seconds. Installer will take care of everything for you, fast. If you have any trouble, contact Ascend with any questions you may have.

Download Starboard

Version 1.5.3 for Windows OS

Download Starboard - Alternate Layout

Positions the Team Logo inward.
Will eventually be integrated with regular version.