Software Developer by Trade

While I work full time as a software developer, I devote a lot of time to software development for the gaming community. I do everything from casting, creating scoreboards, helping players set up their own websites and streams, creating tools for sc2 developers, moderate for the XSplit team, and whatever I can do to help out the communities.

All the open source work I do, I put on my Github page. Everything I do has an MIT license, meaning you can do whatever the hell you want with it.

Starcraft Caster by Hobby

I've been streaming for the last 2 years. Thundertoss and myself began casting King of the Hills for viewers on Livestream at low quality (which was the norm!). We started casting the Top 200 King of the Hill soon after, and continued to raise the quality gradually. Now we cast at full 1080p quality, with automation and tools to provide a professional setting.

Like my work?

If you like what i do, even a thanks is much appreciated. You can e-mail me at to show your support and discuss your ideas anytime. If you'd like to donate, you can use the button below:


If you do end up donating, I ask that you send me an e-mail and say what you'd like to put it towards, whether it be the stream, a certain project, or anything that I work with.