AscendTV Comes To An End

August 3rd, 2012

Ascend here,

Unforunately, I've got to bring AscendTV to an end. Due to personal issues, it's become too much to manage work, streaming, and the side development I do. Since I believe I'm better suited as a developer, I've decided to stop streaming for the time being, at least until everything else gets sorted out.

It's been a fun time though. Thundertoss and myself have done the Top 200 KOTH for over 2 years, and even streamed a little before that. We moved from Livestream to Twitch, gained 2500 fans and 1.6 million views. Tons of streams have risen in the last 2 years, and the quality has only gotten better and better as a result.

I'm happy with everything we've achieved during our time streaming, and I don't intend to 'disappear'. Of course, I'll keep developing, and still have many Starcraft-related projects available on my Github. I just hope everyone enjoyed our events during my time streaming, and hope the eSports scene continues to grow and grow.

Thanks for watching everyone!